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Only imagination could lead to improve the already brilliant features of oil-free centrifugal chillers and conceive:

Negligible in-rush current

The start up in-rush current of water source chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors is only 2 Amps! This provides for a more favourable selection of the line power system.

Silent operation

Centrifugal oil-free are the most silent compressors available on the market; water source chillers with this technology feature extremely reduced vibration, with considerable advantages in any application.

Unrivaled efficiency

Water source chillers with centrifugal oil-free compressors shows competitive full load and outstanding partial load efficiency, enabling them to reach and exceed any values of efficiency established by HVAC’s most common protocols.


    Higher Efficiency Aircooled screw
    240 to 2027kW

  • TECS2 VISION 2.0
    Aircooled unit with magnetic levitation oil free centrifugal compressors
    220 too 1325kW

  • AQS
    Aircooled chiller with scroll compressors
    41 to 528kW


    Watercooled unit with magnetic levitation oil free centrifugal compressors
    241 to 1949kW

  • TECS-W/L Series
    Watercooled magnetic levitation oil free centrifugal compressors

  • CCS-FI
    Watercooled unit with centrifugal compressors
    1758 to 3000kW

  • FOCS Water Series
    With screw compressor
    180 to 3400kW

Fan Coil

  • High-Wall Type Terminal
    MHD2 30-60
    2.25 to 4.63kW

  • Cassette Type
    1.95 to 12.6kW

  • Console Type
    i-LIFE Slim 102-502
    0.84 to 3.86kW

  • Duct Type
    3.8 to 22.8kW

  • Ceiling Type
    FC-NFC (Horizontal)
    22. to 13kW

Air Handling Unit

  • Wizard
    9.1 to 1116kW

  • Ceiling Packaged
    MFC-S Series
    7.8 to 324kW


  • w Accurate Legacy
    Chilled Water
    l7 to 200kW

  • CRCX
    4 to 68kW