Unique state-of-the-art technologies are continuously being introduced to improve elevator operation and system efficiency, contributing to some of the most energy-saving vertical transportation systems commercially available. more


Aesthetic designs combine the utmost in reliability and safety with the flexibility to blend in with any décor. Add distinctiveness and value to building architectures without affecting key factors such as durability and passenger safety. more

Diesel Generators

It is indeed that most of the largest commercial buildings in the world are equipped with a generator set to deliver emergency power in the event of power failure. A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electrical generator to generate electric energy. more

Air Conditioners

Fresh and comfortable home and commercial environments with energy savings, high cost performance, and long product life with minimal maintenance... more

Jet Towel

The energy-efficient, low-noise, high-speed hand dryers bring new levels of convenience and satisfaction to users while saving on operation costs. more