Package Air Conditioners—Mr SlimNatural comfort for everybody

Wide Airflow
A new wide shape vane capable of wide angle air supply provides comfort even at the corners of a room, regardless of cooling operation. A reduction in air speed by 20% compared to conventional products eliminates uncomfortable draft sensations for better air conditioning.

Wired-Controller Type = PL-2/2.5/3/4/5/6BAKLCM
Wireless-Controller Type = PL-2/2.5/3/4/5/6BAKMD
Elevation Grille Type* = PL-2/2.5/3/4/5/6BAKJ
* Requires Optional wired controller (PAR-21MAA-J)
or wireless controller (PAR-SL97A-E)

Draft-less air distribution
A horizontal blow mode* can be set by remote controllers and delivers airflow horizontally to avoid blowing cooled air directly on to occupants, thus preventing discomfort.*If airflow is disturbed, smudging may occur on the ceiling.

Setting of airflow direction by individual vane
The new 4-way Ceiling Cassette eliminates the troublesome task of repositioning the airflow outlets when room layout is altered or the season changes.

Wide-flow air outlet
The high-power ceiling cassettes offer a wide-flow air outlet that enables effective air conditioning of atrium-type ceilings up to 4.5 meters in height. The demands of high-ceiling applications such as halls, showrooms or shopping malls can now be fully answered thanks to this powerful yet highly efficient airflow.

Grille with automatic filter lowering function (PL-BAKJ)
The grille can be operated by an exclusive wireless remote controller to facilitate maintenance work. It can be descended in 8 steps down to 4m in accordance with the ceiling height, thus enabling easy cleaning of the air filter. Cleaning of the filter is an important factor for saving energy.

(optional corner panel)
The "i-see Sensor" built into the optional corner panel eliminates uneven temparature distribution and reduces electricity consumption.

With optional i-see Sensor corner panel

The i-see Sensor rotates to measure the floor temparature in detail.
The i-see Sensor is a radiation temperature sensor that is an original Mitsubishi Electric technology. In order to create maximum comfort in shops and offices, it is essential to control the temparature near the floor where people gather. The i-see Sensor measures the infrared rays generated from the surrounding wall and floor surface at angle of 360° and the infrared rays energy is computed to convert it into the temparature value. In addition, the floor temparature (radiation temparature) at distant spots is also measured to supply the optimum airflow foran unprecedented level of comfort.

"Sensible Temperature Control" prevents excessive cooling through pioneering control technology.
By measuring the inlet temperatures felt by the human body (sensible temperature) will be computed. This allows the proper sensible temperature to always be maintained through the suppression of excessive cooling.

(For the simultaneous twin operation, please install the i-see Sensor corner panel on all indoor units.)