MelEye Monitoring and Control System
Network Technology that Enhances
Elevator and Escalator Operation Management

Mitsubishi Electric’s MelEye is a sophisticated Web-based elevator and escalator monitoring and control system that allows authorized personnel to respond rapidly to changing traffic patterns and other operational conditions. Applying the latest networking technology to optimize elevator and escalator performance while minimizing the cost of supervision, MelEye is a cutting-edge solution that increases the value of the entire facility.

Web Server and Web Browser
The MelEye system configuration is hosted on a Web server, allowing installation of multiple PCs and monitoring of elevators and escalators from any location on the network. The Web browser interface allows for a high degree of operating flexibility.

Elevators and escalators are connected to the network via high-speed broadband Ethernet*. The system requires a special security controlled network separate from the building’s LAN, and by connecting to it MelEye can be accessed from anywhere in the facility.

*Ethernet is a Trademark of Xerox Corporation, U.S.A.