Jet TowelHand Drying in the 21st Century

Hand slips easily from the side.
Open-side design

The dryer is open on the both sides, enabling easy hand access from the side without touching the unit. With hands in, slowly lifting them up and down 2~3 times maximizes drying performance and prevents waterdrops from blowing back up.

Simple to use, in a natural posture.
Easy position

The front hand insertion angle is a convenient 15 degrees, allowing the hands to be eased into the unit in a natural posture.

Simple to clean.
Antimicrobial treatment

All parts that contact water receive antimicrobial treatment. Use of alcohol-resistant resin enables alcohol-based cleaning.*

*"Alcohol" refers to disinfectant-use ethanol alcohol (83% strength or less)

Advanced design ensures that the Airflow is always fresh and dry.
Independent air ducts

The air duct is isolated from waterdrop flow. Inserting the hands triggers a stream of fresh air from the air ducts, drying off with maximum speed and comfort.