Home Elevator [SVA-0/SEB-0]

Space-saving solutions:
Without a machine room, the space required for the elevator system is eliminated, yet comfortable car space is ensured.

Two types of electrically operated doors are available: 2-panel side sliding doors (SEB-0) and 4-panel center opening doors with a multi-beam door sensor (SVA-0).

[Benefit of SVA-0]

Multi-Beam Door Sensor for user safety
A "Multi-Beam Door Sensor" which prevents users from being caught by closing doors is provided as a standard feature. The sensor consists of as many as 54 infrared light beams, and immediately reverses the closing doors when any of the beam is blocked.

Advantageous 4-panel center-opening doors
Our reliable, state-of-the-art technology has made faster yet extremely smooth and quiet door opening and closing a reality. The space-saving design helps existing architecture look even more elegant and sophisticated.

Energy-saving, economical operations:
Energy-Saving Operation Mode helps reduce the figures on your energy bills. (Energy-saving Operation Mode is option)