Leading Edge Freight Elevators that
Enhance Freight-Handling Productivity

VVVF Inverter Contro and Micro-Computer ControlVariable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) control is revolutionizing freight elevators. Mitsubishi Electric’s VVVF Inverter and Micro-Computer control technologies offer tremendous energy savings, outstanding performance and other advanced features.

Higher Efficiency with Lower Material-Handling CostsMitsubishi Electric freight elevators increase workflow efficiency while driving costs down. Our sturdy, reliable freight elevators are designed expressly to help speed goods safely on their way, to help raise work efficiency levels while cutting material-handling costs.

Any Location and CapacityMitsubishi Electric can tailor a freight elevator solution for challenges that range from manufactured products to raw materials to agricultural produce. Large, medium or small elevators can be configured for factories, warehouses, department stores, supermarkets or other types of freight-handling facilities.

Safe, Smooth-Operating, and ReliableLong experience combined with the world’s most advanced elevator technology result in freight elevators that are renowned for the smoothest operation and most precise landing in the market -- for light, heavy, or bulky loads. They also meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and dependability, in the toughest of conditions.